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why do we do art?

i have already passed the halfway mark of the current journal i'm using. i've been filling it with so much thought that somehow materialised into ink on paper. 

168H | days gone by

my days have been a journey of finding an escape from reality. to be honest, i’ve been trying to write this post since May? June? but you know, idleness is the devil’s playground. i never paid attention to this before, but it’s my constant reality. the boredom, the laziness, the idleness has been taking it’s toll on my mental health. 


I am currently powered by caffeine at 7PM. So here I am pouring my energy out on this.

It has been a while.
I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve said that in this blog. It has really been a while. The world’s currently kinda-maybe in shambles, everything’s on hold and not everyone has been handling everything well.

fate and destiny

despite having so many thoughts in my head, i haven't been writing lately. there was a day that i actually considered starting a podcast of some sort for all these internal monologue. i started recording and as i was talking -- it was all over the place. that plan's gonna have to be on hold for now.

less is more

a part of me has forgotten how to write here. i've been trying to my best and have been training myself to be mindful with my words. i've come to realise that the more i ramble on, the more i get lost and get carried away in the little ideas that branch from my story. after all of it, everything just becomes vague and my point and stories are lost in the smudgeness of things.