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A few things from my absence

The past few months have been a journey into finding myself, even if just a little bit. In that time, I carried on to love something that I'd love as much as I love writing. Its quite crazy but there's this tingling feeling whenever I hear this piece even more if I am able to play such piece. Also during that time, I found out that I'm not allowed to drink coffee, or so what I put it, I'm on a coffee diet. During that time my caffeine consumption dropped more than half. I lived like a zombie for months. I slept in my journey home from uni almost every single day. Life without coffee is hard. I don't want to go through that again.

I've also been riding the train more frequently, almost everyday actually. Got to blame that to my friend Raven, who became one of my best friends, such a lovely person <3 data-blogger-escaped-i="">P.S. The one on the picture is Bea not Raven) For some reason, I grew to enjoy my train rides more that I did back then, I found it more convenient than before. Maybe the fact that whenever I ride it, it's not as full as it is on rush hour?

Also, my new semester in uni started. I think I stopped blogging in the first semester of my first year. I managed to survive three terms of my first year (yes three because I needed to attend a petition class). I might blog about how my semester's going so far, I'm not sure, maybe when I get around it, I will. Anyway, for the new semester, I have two major subjects, and I have to say, I might be failing both. (I hope so not).

Just a few shots of my uni from the chill zone in the condominium of Raven. So green, so old, so good.

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