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Beyond the Galaxy

Maybe I trusted him too much.
Maybe I asked for the wrong thing.
Maybe I expected the unexpected to not see the expected.
I just stood there, by the window, looking at the hand he held that night when he promised to not make me lose myself. That night, a million miles beneath the stars, his eyes shined so bright, as if they were stars themselves. Under the cold wind his hand, his smile remained so warm. It felt like home.
He was the light I've been searching for, in the darkness I live in. He was like the moon and I was the star that shines as long as he was there. He made me feel special, as if I was Sirius, and I was standing above the rest. It made me feel like as if I found myself.
Remembering the sun still shining, I felt hopeless, because I felt so sure. I was wrong.
In the midst of it all, the storm came, stars exploded around me, and others shined until they could shine no more. The calm before the storm if you'd say was the moment I found myself. Because then, he lost me. He found someone who everybody saw, someone who brought light and life to everything. He was the moon, and he found his sun.
Slowly everything crumbled down. It didn't matter if I was the brightest star out there, he didn't see me, instead, he lost me.
After all the promises and memories we had, you lost me.

Sorry for the low quality photos, I got them off my backup for my old blog since I thought that it was most applicable for this musing.

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