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Faded is a poem I wrote for Charlie n Charlotte Magazine last year. It wasn't one of those writings that just popped out of my head, it was something that my best friend Audrey asked me to write. Initially I thought that I was just helping her for her article so I asked her to just give me two words that I could grab inspiration from or two words that could be catchy. I can't remember what those words were, but I ended up with this.

Anxiety and curiosity mixed together
Three steps forward and soon after
The sound of laughter, the drop of tears
I feel the blood pumping in my ears

Green. Yellow. Red
There are no roses on the bed.
The alien feelings come in
One step back, this can't be happenin'
In an unknown place, I'm fallin'

The sun started to descend
In a street that has no end
Paths covered with faded signs,
Roads with crooked lines

Amusement, confusion and caution
feelings in a place unknown.
Two steps forward, flashing across,
Smiles in the faces of the loss

No steps forward,
No steps back