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In New Light

February ended a lot of days ago and I was supposed to post this on the 18th but (insert some lame excuse here) I spent my days on bed, or on the couch, reading or sleeping.

Last February 18th, I turned 18 years old, I'm now a legal adult and old enough to go to jail. Oddly, I spent my 18th birthday unlike any other Filipino who celebrate theirs with a debutante's party which is something like a sweet 16, or something. I spent mine in a bowling alley with my closest friends (my best friends didn't come but I'm still hoping to have a date with them in the future). And at night, I had a lovely dinner with my family.

I really don't have a lot to say regarding this but thank you to all those people who are just there to support me. My parents, siblings, my best friends, my godparents... just all of those people who contributed to making who I am now.