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The Art Of Living

credit: tumblr to who ever posted this

My life has been, whole sorts of crazy recently.

  1. Firstly, I've been having troubles with eating again. I'm blaming the current heat wave for this since I've been having a much harder time feeling hungry. Okay, that sounded really confusing so I'll try to explain in a non-confusing way. For the past years of my life, I hardly get the feeling of hunger to the point that I only eat when I'm bored and all that jazz. But now, it's like a whole lot worse since I end up eating just once a day (most of the time, one sandwich a day) and it's not healthy at all. I've also been drinking less water for odd reasons... since I really need more water now.
  2. I'm back to being a fangirl. Not that I left it somewhere it's just that after avoiding kpop for a more than three years, I've been lured back into the trap of korean pop. I'm blaming Seventeen and their amazing skills and just arrrgh. They're my current inspiration, especially Jihoonie (Woozi) since I find it that he's the most hardworking of them all. And because of that I want to work hard too. (I'll spazz about them more later..)
  3. I'VE BEEN WORKING HARD!!! As much as I spend a lot of time in youtube, watching Seventeen, I've been focusing on my studies a lot more. It's like I have this certain rule that I have to finish all I have to finish before I go on and binge my way out of this fangirling state. (I don't do this! At all so it's like the heavens opening and giving me a chance to live a proper life). I've also been studying a whole lot harder. I've been getting good grades on my Statistics quizzes and I'm taking down notes almost all of my classes already. I'm thanking Woozi for this.
  4. On the line of studying, I have made no progress in my foreign languages lessons. For the past few months it hasn't been my priority, even though I have time for it, I just don't do it and I'm hoping that I'd get back to it soon! 
  5. SEVENTEEN! Oh my god! I've been spazzing over this kpop group for more or less a month already. I just find them so amazing since they compose and produce and write their own songs, they do their own choreography and all of them are just really talented and lovable. I don't think I can put into words how much I'm loving this group. Just yesterday, I watched a livestream (something I don't do) since it's their comeback and they performed a lot of songs from their new album.
Okay, that's all that I'm gonna say for now since I'm rushing so I can watch more SEVENTEEN clips and shows.