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Japan 2016

Okay this post is waaaaay overdue. I was supposed to type this down and all that stuff when I returned to Manila last month but I only had ten days to repack and fix everything I need to fix before I leave again so I left this one out. In all honesty though I didn't do the things I was supposed to do when I was back in Manila.

Anyway, here are some shots that were taken when we went to Tokyo last month!

Hopefully more posts ahead but that's when I'm not lazy enough.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I adore the picture where you are knocking at a wooden door :) I want to go to Japan.

    1. Most of the photos are form Disney Sea (forgot to type it down) and it's absolutely amazing in Japan! There were a lot of places we didn't get to go but managed to drive by one night. If you're planning to go, there's an affordable hotel in Ikebukuro! xx

  2. Really want to go to Disney Sea! Love your photos btw :)