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Newtown & City Walking

During my last post, we went to the same places (Newtown and the City) but unlike that day, we we're more successful in Newtown this time.
We walked around early enough for most of the shops to be closed. As an example is this Kodak shop that I wanted to go to but they open at 11AM and during that time it was only 9AM. So there I was drooling over film camera and looking for cameras similar to mine.

Random picture but the building reminded me and my niece my outfit for that day since I was embodying Woozi's style in OFD.

One thing to love about Newtown is the street art and the modern culture of the place. As much as I love The Rocks, I think that I love Newtown equally the same. Though, shopping in Newtown was close to never since I was tight on a budget of 40$ that day. I felt like crying whenever I saw clothes I like.

I just love this. Maybe it's because of my major where we study the homes of these refugees, or the fact that I see all these videos in West Asian countries about innocent people dying. Though, I also get the side of countries that doesn't accept refugees, since they're somehow putting the safety of their people on the line too by trusting these people. But these words won't really do much. Most of the stuff in the world nowadays are too chaotic and quite stupid.

Found a vinyl shop that also sells books. I was actually looking for a present for my piano teacher but found nothing. (P.S. I haven't bought anything for anyone yet -- either here or in Japan-- so I'll disappoint them later on in life)

Okay, I'll probably post about it at some point in life, but me and Lila.. we've been recreating Seventeen's pictures just because we own (or my brother owns) similar, if not the exact same, clothes as them. Sooo yeah, we're quite weird like that but it's fun posing for the camera once in a while.

Forgot'n banana?

Getting lost in Newtown is fun. I'll just wrap it up like that since you'd see (once again) ART and the most peculiar things.

We also found people painting the walls! I don't know about other people, but I actually like the smell of paint. I don't know why though. A lot of people say that it doesn't smell good but I actually like it.

I was going for a WOOZI (pink) aesthetic that day. Inspired by his looks in One Fine Day.

Then there's this tunnel that was so dodgy but we went through anyway.

another anello ad?

Okay, during the first week of my stay in Sydney, I managed to lose my pinky ring and up until now I've been trying to look for a replacement one. At the Newtown street market, I managed to find the ALMOST perfect one... but it's not round. it's quite square in design.

We had brunch at Café Newtown and it was good... and better because I was shouted for my food.

Also went to Apple Store in Sydney because why the hell not go to the glass Apple store here?

And finally we went back to Sneakerboy where I bleached my eyes white while drooling over $500 worth of pink sneakers that I want to buy but was rational enough to think that I don't need shoes that's 500$ that'd get dirty and wet anyway.

P.S. Pink isn't my favourite colour.