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Sydney Friday

In case I haven't said anything, I'm back in Sydney for a month since I'm currently staying with my brother for my holidays.

A shot I took of Lila's bag that looks like an Ad for Anello. Hahaha!

Does anyone get the urge to just jump off whenever you're at the edge of something? Cause when this shot was taken I was battling with myself whether I should go down or just stay there and drop myself. (I didn't just because of the fact that my phone was in my pocket).

We went to MCA because we got to the city early and we had 3 hours to spare before getting home.

my orange socks tho.

We explored around the Rocks again. I think that it's my favourite place in the City aside from Kent St. (there's a story coming for this and I'll post about it once I get the pictures from Lila) I think that I love the Rocks just because of the vibe it gives and the history and culture behind every wall.

Underneath the Harbour Bridge after walking around the Rocks again.

I forgot to mention and I'm too lazy to chronologically arrange the photos but we went to Newtown because it was the plan. And because of the street art and modernness of the place. Sadly we had to leave early because of pain and because of my uterus having revenge for not being pregnant.

A shot in Kent Street of me checking out Seventeen's twitter update just because there was a mention party.

Climbing up a mountain called the Rocks

While in Newtown, we didn't know what to eat and where to eat and just because I'm a cheapskate we ended up sharing a box of Oporto. We should've ate at Mary's though... 

a picture of me taking a picture of Lila, taking a picture of me. 

More photos from Newtown while the rain stopped.

We were looking for the museum in the Rocks but we only found the store.

Literally underneath the Harbour Bridge looking at the Opera House.

again with the urge to jump

Lastly and finally a picture of me in front of MCA sign.

P.S. If you're in Sydney, HELLOOOO!!!