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music stash

A life update and a playlist I've been listening to for the past few weeks (aside from Seventeen's albums, because we know I'm a trash for them)

Uni started two weeks ago, though it should've been three weeks ago but the monsoon managed to extend our vacation for a week. But this past two weeks of uni was like whiplash! I now have days that start at 8AM and ends at 6PM, another day that starts at 12NN and ends at 9PM. Apart from that, I have three uni days that'll only have one class per day. It sucks and there's so much to do and the deadlines are so near, I could see my grave even if I have my eyes closed. Can you feel my stress yet?

Aside from that, I also started bullet journalling, in hopes of getting my life organised. I've tried to do it for a lot of times already but this one's been the best one and I've kept track of things I need to do (though a lot have been migrated and moved and all that jazz). Soon, maybe next week or something, I might post my bujo spreads and how I do my journal and stuff like that, since it's been working for me (unlike back then)

I've also been invited (accepted) in HelloPoetry and I never thought I would get accepted since when I asked to join, they said that they'd reply in at least three days, and it took me around two weeks? give or take, but I got in. I have to say, I love the site! I get to share my works with people, and at the same time, I also get to read beautifully sewn words that just tug my heartstrings.

So lastly, the playlist that I've been listening to for the past few weeks. Its called Headache Cure and I still update the playlist up to now since its something I listen to everywhere. It's more on the indie/chill kind of music genre, just songs that'd make you relax or think of coffee on a rainy day. Its called Headache Cure since the first few songs of this playlist were songs I listen to when I get migraine attacks. Usually I get really sensitive when I get migraine to the point that all lights must be closed, it shouldn't be too cold or too warm, and as much as possible I don't want to be in a noisy place so the songs, like I said, really helps me to chill down and just relax and think of something soothing.