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Sydney Haul

These are the only beauty products that I bought whilst in Sydney because let's face it, make up is pricey. And I don't see myself spending more than 12$ on something that I'll use off. Although to be honest, I kinda regret not buying other cheaper make up items. (Make-up range here in Manila sucks big time)
P.S. The lipsticks are from my sister-in-law

East Point Jumper from KMart because that's the best place ever!
Ohio is for Lovers from Cotton On (I think)

Another jumper from KMart (same colour) Burgundy and Maroon has been my life.

(15$ each // I guess?) Journals from KMart (again! Like I said, best place ever!) I never really planned on buying journals there but my current one's just on the verge of dying and I'm at the last few pages, so Lila told me that KMart ones are good, so I grabbed two

Pillow from Ikea -- bought this one purely for my flight comfort. I have a 7-9 hour flight back to Manila so I got this so I'd sleep better.
(40$) Valleygirl pink bomber jacket -- Its cheap if you ask me, and I got it because it reminded me so much of Hoonie, and I just had to have it. It's also warm yet thin enough for me to use in Manila so win-win!

(10$) Floor lamp from Ikea! Mum was the one who talked me into getting it for my room. I never really thought that I'd love this lamp but I do since I could do late night reading and shenanigans with just it on.

I just wore this two days ago and I forgot how much it is so yeah. Again, it's form KMart. Mum got it since I love stripes. (Half of my clothes are stripes)

(20$) Aramis Wrist watch I got off a market in Newtown. One of my favourite purchases if you ask me. Because firstly, the lady who was selling this was absolutely lovely, the watch was originally around 35$ and she gave it to me for 20$, second it's just perfect, it's a both classy and feminine at the same time.

(8$???) KMART knows mee! I vowed to wear this shirt every Monday but I haven't done it so yeah. I was also supposed to grab a cat lady shirt but I decided against it.

(150$ Lacoste Carnaby Navy) I was originally aiming for a Red Stan Smiths or the Pink/Teal one but either they don't have it or they do but not in my size. So after walking around Pitt St. for two hours, we saw this Lacoste one, and I fell in love with it! During that time I was so conflicted since I was thinking that I was there for Stan Smiths but then I don't want to be like everyone else who has them. And for many many years, I've been eyeing Lacoste white shoes anyway, so I got them!

(3$) KMART! Mum loves me in white, I don't know why, but I grabbed three of these plain white shirts, wore one in Sydney, and never saw that one again.

DFO FINDS! We went to DFO before watching The 1957 Concert and managed to snatch good stuff off Cotton On. Once again, mum loves me in white and she also knows that I love button up shirts so she just pointed this one to me and put it in the basket without my reply.

If you can see, they're different sizes, because one's supposed to be Lila's but she was like -- Nah, you can have it.

The lighter grey one is from Cotton On DFO (10$) and darker grey one is from Vinnie's Livo, it's a a bonds sweatpants, and they're both the best thing that happened to my legs.