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in midst of chaos

In between hectic schedules and a million of papers I need to do and pass, I've lost a huge chunk of what I love to do, and that's blogging. I cannot even count how many times I wanted to post a certain update but can't since I don't have pictures nor do I have the liberty to go on blogger and type everything down.

In my bullet journal, I actually have a small space of what I want to post for the month of September, that will obviously be moved in the month of October, but that's okay. It's life.

I don't really know what I'm rumbling about but all I want to say (mostly to myself) is that I don't want blogging to be a chore, I want it to be a medium for me to connect to other people, and that not updating very often is okay (even though I really don't thinks so). But, yeah, I have tons of posts to come... hopefully soon.

And another thing, I just think that I don't have that much to blog about, in a way, since I've been drowning in papers for weeks already and my life's just been really stuck in this rut of going to class and doing assignments and papers afterwards. So yea...


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    1. this semester made me question how I managed my life in my past three years in uni/college.

  2. "I don't want blogging to be a chore, I want it to be a medium for me to connect to other people" YES. Blogging can be really stressful sometimes (i definitely struggle with finding photos too, I have so many draft posts that it almost feels too late to post now because I never found a photo that seemed to go along with how I felt.)

    As for the not having anything to write, I felt like this a lot during my last year at school because I was so busy prepping for exams and finishing essays that I hardly did anything I felt was worth blogging about, but I used it as a motivation for me to make sure I did go out and do things I wanted to do as well, trying to find that balance. Good luck with it all, and I'll be right here waiting for that update, because I've just fallen head over heels for your blog. It was when I saw the tags actually - journal and life update- which are my top two tags and I was like this girl is wort reading.


    Anne // www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

    1. your comment gave me life, to be honest.

      I felt like a lot of people who read my blog somehow got annoyed buy the number of times I popped in and out.

      And honestly, I just miss how blogging used to be way back 2009 to 2011-ish when almost all blogs I read were personal blogs, medium of people to put themselves out there! Maybe that's why I mostly, if not always, post journal/life updates.

      xx <3 <3