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book binge | heroes of olympus

Last week I had a bit of a book binge, I read all five books of Heroes of Olympus - one book a day except for Blood of Olympus because my classes resumed already.

I know that it's a bit late with the hype over the series since Trials of Apollo was released last year and all those things. But initially, I wasn't planning to read the whole series since Percy isn't the sole main character anymore, there's a lot of them, but after we had a selection in our Western Literature class about Oedipus, I got hooked in Greek mythology again.

The Lost Hero 

First book in the series that talks about Jason Grace (with no memory) and his quest to save Hera and someone else. Percy didn't appear in the book but he was mentioned a couple of times, Annabeth was there too. New characters are introduced in the series alongside Jason - Piper and Leo.

Son of Neptune

Finally, with this book, it's back to Percy who lost his memories like Jason grace and is off to retrieve the golden eagle and to save Death (yes, Death... very very handsome Death), alongside Hazel and Frank Zhang. Camp Jupiter is also introduced in this book and some of the people in it. Nico Di Angelo is also back!

Mark of Athena

I find it hard to admit to myself that this might just be my least favourite one. I cannot recall much except for Annabeth's special quest to retrieve the Athena Parthenos while the others try to look for Nike... or is that from another book?

House of Hades

My favourite one out of all (including books from the PJO series). Initially I thought that I wouldn't like this book because who likes Tartarus? But I fell in love with it. I honestly read some while reading the book to get myself ready if I would hate it or not. I cried. A lot. In this book. I cried so much to the point that I couldn't continue reading because my eyes burn and my tears are getting in the way. This book hit me in an emotional level and I can't comprehend how much I love it.
"tell the sun and the stars hello for me"
the line that made me sob my heart out...

Blood of Olympus

Finally, the series has come to an end. And I realised, I suck at talking about books without spilling spoilers. So the whole gang of seven (Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel and Leo) are off to Athens to stop the earth from waking up. Might be my second favourite and I just have to spill why... Nico's gay, he liked Percy and it just made my life a whole ton better! I love Nico!

All in all, I love the whole series. I don't think I'll be able to blog about a book that I don't like since I wouldn't even finish the book if that's the case. But as of now, I'm off to read Trials of Apollo!