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humid days

It turns out, being off university is extremely boring. On most days, I found myself waking up at noon and having lunch at 2pm or 3pm just because.

The weather's slowly changing and it's getting more and more humid, getting more and more annoyingly sticky. Before the vacation started, I had so many things planned. I told myself that I will work out, I'll continue my language studies, and not laze around the room.

I've been trying to read off the books in my wattpad library (some are actually decent in that site because published books intimidates me. I've also been watching movies, Asian movies and old ones, I'm probably going to blog about all of it by the end of the month but I don't know if I could actually get myself to write something so long. I often found myself running out of words even though I have so much to say.

I've also started on my June 2017 Mixtape which could be seen at my sidebar! The mood for this month's mixtape is my kind of chill and indie. It's a mixture of english and asian indie bands/artists and I've been listening to it every night.

So, what have you been up to lately? 


  1. Can't wait for those posts about the films! The playlist is awesome, indie all the way <3
    Humid weather is the worst, especially if you sweat easily like I do. It's a struggle. You're off of uni with loads of plans but can't get anything done, I know that too well. But enjoy the free time before uni stress hits again. x

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

    1. I don't look forward to Uni this year. I have thesis and a new foreign language and just a new wave of stress!

  2. Been listening to your mixtape and I love how perfect it is for chilly evenings. I just wanna say aaa thank u for curating it! And in return I would like to recommend you to an artist I think you would like (their songs are kind of in the same vibe as your June mix); Ourselves the Elves <3

    1. Thank you for recommending Ourselves the Elves! I love their songs! I love the chill vibe.

  3. Doing nothing gets boring very quickly.
    Music in your sidebar is a lovely idea; It's a great way for your readers to stay in touch with what you're enjoying.