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making it a habit

yes, my TV's right beside my bed. but it's okay since I hardly watch tv
I think I've managed to put myself in a slump. And I've spent most of my days sleeping. Sleeping from 3AM to Noon and sleeping from 3PM to 6PM. I've been throwing my days away, my room's a mess and there's a lot of things I want to do! These are habits I'm currently working on for self imporvement and help and to just make my days count and not waste my holiday away.

fix your bed
I'm notorious at not fixing my bed but recently I've been doing it a lot. Having a clean and fixed bed doesn't only look nice but it actually helps you get off it and move on with your day. I don't know about you guys, but I love the feeling of going to sleep in a clean and fixed bed. It's not as good as freshly changed sheets, but it's just as close.

clean and organise
My room's not the best but I try to clean as much as I can. Cleaning and organising your room is whole lots of good things. First is the saying(?), clear sight, clear mind. I actually believe this because I feel stressed whenever my room's a mess and I'm caught in between whether I'd clean my room or do the thing I have to do. Second, you know where your things are, you wouldn't have to go through different drawers and boxes to find something. Third, it's efficient. When you're rushing in the morning, you wouldn't have to waste 15 minutes trying to look for your keys because they're where they're supposed to be.

tone and moisturise
You can read a lot of articles and blog posts about the benefits of toning and moisturising your skin so I won't say anything about that. Think of doing these two steps of skin care as something to treat and pamper yourself. Think of it as something that'll lessen the stress of having dry patches and magical pimples that appear without notice.

open your blinds or windows in the morning
I don't know if you feel the same but the smell of morning dew is actually relaxing to me. Opening up your windows and/or blinds in the morning saves energy consumption because you're using natural light (very good for photography) and you'll get fresh air. I'm not a morning person, but I like opening up my blinds because it's relaxing even though my only view is my neighbour's roof and tree.

eat breakfast
People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I only have them on days I wake up before 10AM. Days having breakfast helps a lot. You feel energised in the morning, it'll lessen your appetite throughout the day (idk if it's just me) and who doesn't like eating? I often have chocolate cereal and coffee.

drink more water
Keep yourself hydrated. If you're like me who is really bad with drinking water, just try to keep a bottle with you every day and try to finish that bottle before it reaches night time. I recently found out that I have a certain preference with water which is weird because its water. I eventually drink a lot more if it's with ice. So you can also check with yourself how you like your water because it'll help you.

I prefer stretching over full-on exercising. Stretching helps you with flexibility and would sometimes add a few inches in your height. Stretching has a lot of health benefits and it's not as strenuos as a full-blown work out. As I said, it improves your flexibility and posture, it relaxes muscles and is a form of stress relief. I've alrso read somewhere that it helps avoid injuries and also reduces cholesterol.

write, read or journal
Writing, reading and journalling is a great way to have time for yourself to deatch from stress and to reflect on things. Reading lets your mind wander around and ponder on different things, on how you'd handle the scenario you're reading or just something to add to your knowledge on things. Writing and journalling are more on improving yourself and reflecting with what is swimming inside your head. It's a great way to take things out of your system and let your ideas and thoughts dance around a piece of paper.

wake up earlier
You will do a lot of things if you wake up earlier and if you're lucky, you'd be surprised that you're done before or a little bit after noon. I'm not a morning person but there are a lot of things that I love about early mornings. The serenity of the place, and like I said the early morning dew, alongside the aroma of coffee. It's the perfect time to think about a lot of things especially the ones you want to do for the day. I also love listening to old music in the morning because mornings are nostalgic if it's not busy, mornings are the calm-emotional while evenings are wild-emotional.

allot time for the things you need to do
Alloting time for the things you need to do, for the things in your to-do list helps you be productive within the day especially if you're a person who works better with deadlines and time frames. Working on things within a specific time gives off the sense of urgency that'll make you work harder and be more productive what you're doing. Recently, I've limit my time with reading because it's all that I do and more time for writing and language studies.

What do you want to make into a habit?