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May Favourites

I'm finally free from uni! (for two months)...

This top is actually a hand-me-down from my sister and since it's currently summer, and it's like a humid oven here, I've been wearing this a lot. And of course I have to thank my washing machine for letting me wear this clean.

Another hand-me-down from my sister is this skort. I recently wore this to uni and idk, I just fell in love with it again. I used to pair this one with a white button-up, but I look like an anime school girl so I don't do that anymore. I've recently been pairing this one with a loose white top from Cecil McBee (I think?) which is a feminine lose white top... I would say.

Then, I found this bag... at the pile of things my mum's gonna give away/throw away. It's brand new when I found it, it still got the tag and everything. Its from Giorgio Valenti. I don't know that brand but I love this bag. It has a "secret" compartment in front where you can put your money, cards and other stuff. The inside's split into two and it expands (thank god) and it's not that heavy.

Lastly is this top! Which I thrifted! Is that a word? But anyway, I only got this for 25 pesos, around 50cents (US) which is awesome. It's actually a very very very very large top. It's from the brand Vintage (another brand I don't know of) and it's sized 3X in Mens. Even though its currently hot here, I love sleeping in this because it's cozy and it feels like I'm just wearing a blanket.

There are three albums that I've been listening to nonstop this month.
First is of course, Harry Styles' album! I love how the songs have like a bit of a 80s-90s vibe to it. I don't know if I've said it before here but the current music trend isn't my cup of tea. Okay, the tunes and the beat's nice but it lacks essence... emotion to the songs. I actually had a conversation like this with my aunt last night, we talked about how 70s-90s music makes you feel like you're falling in love (if its a love song) from the first note to the meaning of the lyrics. And this album gave me that essence I'm looking for, that filling of the doughnut. The first song I heard was Sign of the Times (obv.) and I actually gushed about it to my friend and she was surprised that I actually listen to a mainstream song! So yeah. My favourite tracks from the album are, Sign of the Times, Kiwi, Ever Since New York and Sweet Creature.

Second, IU's Pallete Album. I got back into liking Kpop again last year (Seventeen's my baby but I'll talk about that later) and since then I haven't really been listening to any girl group or artist except for Ailee because she's queen. I liked IU since she debuted but I only like her as a singer, not so much as an actress tho she did great in Scarlet Heart. But anyway, the reason why I liked the album was because it had a good selection of genres in it. It had my favourite coffee shop songs like Pallete (ft. G-Dragon) and Can't Love You Anymore. The other songs are more, sentimental and ballad-ish though there's a few that was upbeat (the first track).

LASTLY! SEVENTEEN released a new album! It's called A|1-Alone and I love it. Okay first of all, I'm not a huge fan of EDMs but the title track "I Don't Wanna Cry" was beautiful. The music was contrasting to the vocals much more to the meaning of the song which was like "where did my love go?" feels. There was a part that was unique in a way, I think it was Woozi and Joshua's part wherein the vocals are really high but the bass was really low and it was soooo good, and also Wonwoo and Mingyu's part was like a book love story. "I'm fine / I'm not fine / I don't miss you / I really miss you" It's like when you got into a breakup or something that you're forced to tell yourself that you don't want it anymore but in reality you really do, it's like that it my heart. Also, there was no rap in the whole song. Hip Hop Team sang. Hansol Vernon Chwe sang. Bless my twin.
Another favourite of mine is "Habit". Seventeen never fails to bring a coffee-shop song. When I first listened to the album when I reached this track I was really happy because it's a feel good song, tho the lyrics aren't. It's a feel good sad song.
Lastly "Crazy in Love"'s just adorable. The song's and the dance choreography's adorable.