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Mid-June Screen

A few posts back, I said that I've been binge watching movies. I did this with my aunt for three days, watching movies from 6PM to 1AM with popcorn chicken and sodas.

Awakenings (1990) // Starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, talks about the phenomenon that happened in 1969 where catatonic patients awakened with the help of a drug called L-Dopa.
I love Robin Williams, I love how versatile of an actor he was much more how he depicts emotions in his roles. It's just connects to me in a whole new emotional level when I watch him. I don't know why.
What I loved about the movie first of is that Robin Williams plays a role of a doctor who is more into research rather than being with patients. But when he finally got patients, catatonic patients, he wasn't just there to check on their vitals, diagnose them, he was there to actually try to find a cure and help these people resume living their lives. Robert De Niro played a catatonic patient who shut down when he was a teenager(?). I loved how youthful Robert De Niro played the role. It wasn't annoying child-like acting but more natural and just youthful.
Overall, I loved the movie, I loved that it made me think about life more about how lucky I am and that there's nothing impossible for one to live their life. Did that make sense?

Chances Are (1989) // A Romantic Comedy with a soundtrack that is for my poor heart. After All and Chances Are are two of my favourite Time Travel songs and its weird since I haven't seen this movie until this month.
The story revolves around Louie who died and was reincarnated into Alex (played by Robert Downey Jr.). In the movie, people who are reincarnated gets this booster that makes them forget about their old life, but Louie didn't get this so when he met his wife (while in the body of Alex) that's when the chaos started.
It's a feel good movie that's kinda annoying at the end. I don't like how Miranda (Louie's daughter/Alex's girlfriend) is stupidly "in-love" with Alex.
Overall, would watch it again, but wouldn't probably end it. Good movie. Annoying. But good.

City of Angels (1989) // Oh my god, boy was I frustrated with this film! I like the concept of Angels and like Death -- death not dying but death the persona being angels. I like how it's not the stereotypical angels with all white and wings and diapers. They're a bit mechanical, but it works with the story and contradicts it at the same time. Because, Nicolas Cage, an angel with supposedly no emotions, felt something for the surgeon Meg Ryan.
I love the irony of the film and the frustration it brings at the ending. I love how it depicts that life is not always happy and that it doesn't necessarily mean we get what we want even if we sacrificed for it. It's brutally honest with how life works and that's something people need sometimes.
Overall, would watch it again! Wouldn't recommend doing the titanic pose on a bicycle though.

Falling in Love (1984) // First of all, I'm a bit attacked since it's awfully similar to the book I was planning to write so that's probably going to change, I would have to go through the whole plot again. Second, cheating is cheating no matter how fine the movie was. I don't like that. This kinda promotes that. Third, Meryl Streep is beautiful.
Okay so the plot goes that Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro take the same train together but only met on Christmas Eve at a bookshop in New York City. So later on they kinda developed this affair and just goes on with it alongside their guilt but then again they're still on it.
Overall, I don't like it. To be honest, it promotes cheating, but then again being happy, but cheating nonetheless.

French Kiss (1995) // Another Meg Ryan movie which I didn't get to enjoy as much because I watched it without English subtitles. It's a typical plot for a chicflic, very generic but good. Meg Ryan plays a woman who was left by her fiance to be with a french woman, on the plain she met Kevin Kline who played as a french con artist. I guess from the start we can say that they'll be ending up together. What's fun is that Kevin's character's personality.
Overall, good movie, Meg Ryan's character's quite stupid to be chasing her ex-fiance.
Sleepless in Seattle (1993) // Boy did I love this movie. I'm a sucker for soulmates kinda stories. What more is that they didn't meet properly until the end of the movie! The little boy (kinda weird to say that cause he's definitely older than me) adorable and mischievous throughout. I loved how hey described love as this magical feeling that's so rare. As much as I loved how City of Angels was brutally honest with how life works, this put balance to that, this somehow shows that maybe somewhere out there, across the other side of the globe, there's someone for you.
Overall, would watch again and again because it's that unique yet sappy romantic shit I'm looking for.
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / The Wolf Girl and The Black Prince(2015) //  I'm a sucker for shoujo manga, and I loved this one. I don't know what it is with Japanese movies' cinematography but it's just so... aesthetically pleasing. It's soft and dreamy and just Japan.
The story goes with the girl, Erika has been lying to her friends that she had a boyfriend, so when they realised that they haven't met the guy yet, they started to ask for photos/proof. Panicked, Erika took a photo of a random handsome guy she saw on the streets, not knowing that this guy went to her school. In the end of the lies, Kyoya (the guy) decided to play along her little lie, in exchange for her to be his dog.
It's cliche. But the soundtrack of the movie (soundtrack of japanese movies are my jam) and the cinematography, not to mention Yamazaki Kento's face was worth the watch.
Overall? Would watch it again!
Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) // Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the movie because it was kinda annoying. Cliche tomboy bestfriend with a guy who she's developing feelings for and the guy likes the airhead pretty girl of the school. It's annoying how dense the guy is! It's like dude, it's written on her forehead that she likes you and you're just so stupid to not see that. Another thing that annoyed me is that he spent all his college money to buy jewelry for the girl she likes. Like dude, I didn't know you're that stupid? The most annoying part is that it was the girl he likes who pointed out to him that "dude, your best friend likes you!" and when she did that he jumped to his best friend and brought out the "I couldn't lose you/I didn't realized that I liked you all along".
Overall, wouldn't watch it again. Like nope.
Witches of Eastwick (1987) // Comedic and not for kids. That's how I'd describe the film. It was funny, but adult kind of funny. Honestly this post's so long I'm running out of words to say. But, one lesson this movie told me, what we want isn't exactly what we expect nor what we need.
Cher's beautiful here, actually all of them are. I love their hairs!

The Liar and His Lover (2013) // First of all, I love Takeru Sato waaaay before he was cast as Kenshin, second, this movie's soundtrack is my heart for Japanese chill music, third, Sakurako's voice is the voice I have in my dreams.
As much as the movie has a love story, it focuses more on what sometimes happens in the entertainment industry and just their story to keep their music real. The two main character's love story was really on the spot and rushed, and it's how they depicted it throughout, that they're lacking something unlike some anime/manga wherein they started dating and everything's smooth sailing. Secrets and their dreams are two of the things that both strengthened and weakened their relationship.
Overall? I would definitely watch again just for the music.
The Champ (1979) // First of all, I didn't know that he was Angelina Jolie's dad until my aunt told me. The first part of the movie was kinda boring and scattered all over the place but aren't all movies? There was a slow build up but when it did it was like a roller coaster of emotions all together!
Their relationship as father and son's not perfect but it was family love. There was so much adoration and trust towards each other that it was so beautiful!
Also, I don't usually cry at movies but I cried at this one!
Overall, would totally recommend! Bring a box of tissues because my poor heart didn't handle this one properly!

This is half (majority) of what I've watched for the passed two weeks, 
So, what have you watched lately?

// Mia