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June Favourites & Memories

A pattern of laziness and procrastination loomed over me for the month of June. I think I didn't get the memo that I wouldn't be as busy as I was when my semester ended. It felt like my laziness was a caged animal that went wild once the stress of uni ended.

Aside from my June mixtape linked at the sidebar, I have particular songs that I love. First is Ourselves the Elves - Longing For which just fits in my aesthetic of coffee shop music songs what're either jazz, acoustic or indie. Like a 90s movie soundtrack (or like Begin Again's soundtrack). I have a weird thing for singers who sound drunk or lucid, and the vocals for this song just gave me that lucid vibe.
Second is G-Dragon's album Kwon Ji Young especially the song Middle Fingers Up and Super Star. A full contrast on what my June vibe is, but it's G-Dragon. I love the repetitive chords in Middle Fingers Up. I love how it forms this addictive pattern throughout the song. With Super Star, it gave me the lucid feel again.
Sugar Me. I love this band(?). I love Anyone Else But You and the one line that says "We sure are cute for two ugly people". But what I love about the artist the most is that they're not confined to one language. They sing in Japanese, English and I think also French.
I first listened to Summer Salt's Revvin' My Cj7 in Hi I'm Mimi's Spotify playlist called "likin dis". And I think that it's the first song I heard of Summer Salt. I think that this is my anthem whenever I'm stressed and done with life.
Lastly is Mondo Grosso's Labyrinth (ラビリンス) which was released this year. When I first heard the song, I searched who Mondo Grosso was, and found out that he's a 50 year old DJ/Musician which kinda blew my mind because I didn't expect him to be at that age. But this song's jazzy in a way that's just so good to listen on a sunny afternoon with coffee and books.

I've put up a review/list of movies I've watched in another post entitled mid-june screen. My favourites from that list are Sleepless in Seattle, The Champ, Awakenings, and the two Japanese movies Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji & The Liar and His Lover.

Assassination Classroom (all the movies). The characters and the story's quite uniquely weird. But I'd watch this again! I love the life lessons about friendship and dreams that the characters and movie provided. I love how the class cherished each other and Kuro-Sensei even though they have to kill him. It's just a really good movie that'll make you laugh and then make you ugly cry at the end. Plus, if you're a fan of J-Pop, Kazunari Ninomiya from Arashi's here and Yamada Ryosuke from Hey Say Jump plays the lead role.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). I haven't watched anime for months and months! But I watched it this month because I waited two(?) years for the second season! First of all, I'm deeply annoyed that the second season's only 12 episodes and ends at a very good cliff hanger! I If you don't know Attack on Titan, it's a dystopian anime wherein humanity fights titans to survive, but then there are secrets to be unveiled and the story revolves around Eren and the other's journey to find out the secret behind the titans and the walls.
If you can't handle gore, don't watch it, but if you can or love it, GO WATCH IT! It's really good! But beware, Season 3 will be released next year.

Since it's summer, I've been loving somen a lot, which are cold wheat noodles that you dip into a tsuyu (sauce) that's just really refreshing. Since I have concentrated tsuyu(no moto) in our house, I love putting ice cubes in it to dilute the overwhelming taste and for it to be extra cool.

My June's not really that bad once I thought about it. It made my brain roam free in the valley of ideas and creation while reading books and writing down on my bullet journal.
  • I started writing again. I found my old journal and started typing down all the musings I have there in a google docs file and it just gave me the right push to go back to writing
    • I surpassed 65 short story/poems/prose this month! 
  • I also found my old plots. I kept them again while I'm waiting for the motivation to write that series down. But so far, I'm working on a novel (?) about a prompt my high school professor told me four years ago. 
  • I left the house two days ago to meet up with my friends which gave a new scenery for me. Something different from my four pink walls. 
  • I've read so much off my wattpad library and I've managed to add more. I might do a post about it... 
  • I fell in love with UCC cafe... 

so, how was your June? 
was it good? did anything interesting happen?