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Naked As We Came

I think I have mentioned somewhere in my blog that I get intimidated by published books that's why I search through Wattpad for good ones. I've also mentioned at an old post that Lang Leav's one of the authors that inspired me to write again, but after studying asian poetry and other literature, I don't like her writings anymore. But I'll get back to why I mentioned Lang Leav later.

People might know Arden Moore as the person behind the blog Stories Of A Telescope, which is one of my favourite blogs so when I saw that she was open to people who would like to review her book, I e-mailed her. Like I said in the e-mail, I've always been curious with anthologies, I think now much more since I've studied asian style of writing and also classical literature under two amazing professors.

So I'll bring up Lang Leav now, because one of my professors who is currently taking her Masters in Poetry once said in class that Lang Leav isn't really a poet or something like that. After I read all of her books (I didn't buy any after the first three) because I got frustrated with how she wrote. I won't elaborate anymore because I cannot really explain it.

She told me that if I liked Lang Leav's books, I might like hers. But like I said, an unpopular opinion but, I don't like Lang Leav. So I was kinda uneasy to read the book but I did it anyway and fell in love with it. I have my favourite pieces bookmarked in my ibooks and I read it again and again. Do you know the feeling when you read a piece or listen to a song and be like that's exactly how I feel. I love how it's really relatable. I love how it feels like I'm reading someone's soul. I love the feeling and the honesty between each word, how it was written for the writer herself and not to please others. I believe that a lot of great literary pieces are great because it wasn't made to please people. It was created for the writer, for her creativity to run wild and for it to be looked back at. While reading the book, it reminded me of the internal monologues I had inside my head that once I try to get to paper suddenly it disappears. It's so real and pure. It soooo goood!

Overall, I really really really love the book. I'm going to read it again. and again, and again. Its very relatable for someone who is insecure, lost, and lost in their own mind. I totally recommend it! Go get a copy! Its really good.

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