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168 hours | baby steps

The past week has been frustrating and oddly relaxing at the same time. I think that my body’s adapting properly to the change that has been happening and the number of workload that I have to face every single day. I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. I think my brain has once again entered the realm of impeccable silence that bothers me to no end. But I’m trying to be positive about it.

My days of visiting coffee shops still hasn’t ended. I went to an old favourite with my friend last Wednesday. No, I still don’t regret going to coffee shops and buying coffee or milkshakes. What I regret was buying a hard case cover for my mac air though. I used it for an hour and decided that it’s not really giving my laptop(?) proper ventilation.

I finally met up with my best friend after almost three months of not seeing each other. It was weird though, we had similar time for holidays but she went home for the whole of June and I went back to Sydney for July. It was nice seeing and talking to her in person. I don’t know, there’s just so many things to talk about when you’re actually with someone rather than just chatting or texting with them. There’s a lot more stories to tell and memories to recall. It was a bummer though, we didn’t get to take any photos together.


We had a change of thesis advisers because our old one dropped us. To be honest, I was relieved that she’s no longer our thesis adviser since she’s really intimidating and it affects how I work with our thesis since I feel all panicked and messy. Our new adviser seems nice, he actually read our written proposals. It feels more hands-on with him.

I cannot design lanyards even if my life depended on it. I realised that when we were asked to design one and mine looked like it was mixed clay. I don’t know why or how it turned out like that but it did and I gave up trying to design one.

Cigarettes After Sex! I discovered them after a friend of mine mention the band(?) while we were playing a game. I got curious so I listened, and I love them. I have a weird way of explaining music so bear with me on this. Their music is like wine drunk music on a lonely evening that makes you dance around naked or maybe just in your underwear or pyjamas. It's like, your body will involuntarily sway to the music and take in the beats and tunes.

Also, Dodie's new EP! I mentioned her 6/10 in my July Memories post and the whole EP's out and I've been listening to it alongside CAS. It's been really chill and drunk and giddy and... I don't know.

how have you been lately?