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168 hours | coffee and change

I spent the past week being bombarded with change, adapting to a not-so-new environment, and new experiences, opportunities and decisions. I have finally decided that change is good and that I couldn’t run away from it even if I try to. I’ve mentioned that July felt drunk. Well, August is the hangover. It’s the time where I’m surprised that so many things had happened and I’m just quite surprised with how things really are. It feels as if I’m trying to get myself together in the middle of an awkward mess.

I arrived in Manila Sunday night and it’s really hot. That was the first thing I told my mum when we got out of the plane. I’m currently sick because of the sudden change in the weather (temperature?) but I’m still living.

The new semester also started last Wednesday,  so the wave of workload it approaching in addition to the workload from the organisations I joined this semester which makes me wonder if I can still manage to get a job.

Even though the semester just started, me and my friends already managed to go to two coffee shops to kill time. We went to our trusty Bo's Coffee (which we prefer over Starbucks because the serving's bigger and another cafe that we haven't gone to which is Dormina Espressia near our campus.

Also, sometime in the past week, I decided to change my URLs (both tumblr, and blogger) to iamialyz for no particular reason but to match my email with my obsession over my incomplete name of ialyz. I thought about changing the blog's name into something else but nothing fits quite right other than chaotic tales which represents the chaos of my mind. So there's that. And Sunday, I got to feel like a photographer for our oranisation's photoshoot and it was really fun to work in a studio with all the lights and kinda directing people on how to pose (not really).

How was your week?