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168 hours | storms and wild flowers

L I F E L A T E L Y //
I am slowly compiling my written works to be shared alongside my artworks and photography either on this blog or on another site. I’m still not sure but I’m excited for it. I’m not always proud of my work. But maybe showcasing them somewhere, be it on tumblr or here, would make me love them more. Since I won’t be the only one seeing them anymore.

W E E K //
I only had one day of uni the past week because of the storm. It saved me form deadlines and quizzes I wasn’t ready for. I don’t know if other people would agree but I love the rain even though my walls cry when it does. But I don’t like the 10-minute-humid-rains during the summer. There’s just something about the rain that’s reassuring and calming.

I have Mandarin classes this semester as well as next semester and I am struggling. It’s so frustrating! The thing is that I love learning new languages. I like understanding a lot of shows and conversations. But I can’t seem to grasp Mandarin as I did with Japanese and Korean (I’m not fluent but I can understand bits and pieces especially Japanese). What’s more frustrating is that we’re learning how to read Mandarin but my brain’s reading it in Japanese. Plus, our professor’s stroke order’s all over the place, she’s a lazy writer.

I've been drawing wild flowers! I have always wanted to draw flowers (like the ones I see in tumblr) because they're so simple yet so beautiful. I'm planning to get How to draw Modern Florals once it's available in my country. But as of now, I rely on youtube videos and real flowers.

S C R E E N //
I just watched Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder and I loved it! I’m biased with the show, I apologise. It’s the classic stormed-party-murder and you have to guess who the murderer is. I just love how the twist with Sebastian dying happened. Though I kinda figure out somethings but it was a great two-part OVA. I totally recommend. I’ve also been watching Buzzfeed Unsolved. I’ve read about them in Elise’s blog post. I’ve been waiting for their posts every week, since.