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July Memories

The month of July was like a bottle of Bacardi for me. I feel drunk (I haven't been drunk) this whole month with my emotions all over the place and just losing myself in the only constant thing in the world - change. But I wouldn't exchange this month for anything else. There are so many things in this month that feel like a once in a lifetime moments (they are tbh).

I don't have much new music this month or music that I went crazy for. But here are three songs that I've been listening to a lot lately.
6/10 by Dodie Have I said I love Dodie? Well I do. She's just so adorable and just such a precious human being. Before she released this song on spotify, I've listened to it on her youtube channel already. I love her songs so much. I have songs that I like for the "chill" melody, and there are songs that sings my thoughts which are part of my life's soundtrack and a lot of her songs are in the soundtrack.
She's A Baby by Zico I don't listen much to Zico but I unintentionally did this month. I've been sharing a room with my niece and she loves Zico. This song gets stuck to my head every single time. Aside from that, I like how cringy the lyrics are. It feeds the hopeless romantic within me.
La Lune by Billie Marten fits my chill genre that's why its here. Also, I like how poetic the lyrics are. The message and actual feel of the song's vague for me to the point that so many interpretations and thoughts rush to my head making me remember people, places, conversations... just a lot.

July was the month of Burgers and Japanese food which consists of sushi, sashimi, ramen, udon and tendon.
On my second day back in Sydney, my niece brought me to Parramatta to have lunch with her friend at a Japanese restaurant there where I ordered the Udon which was something I shouldn't have done because I could never finish one. On top of that we also had a sushi/sashimi platter that was so good. It's been months since I've had tuna sashimi.
Then there's Sushizilla that we went to last Saturday. It's at the Central Park Mall. I was so fascinated on how the little table beside the table takes orders. The food was so good. I got the ebi katsudon and to be honest, there's nothing really special with it. It was like the others I've tasted.
On the same day, I also got the chance to try Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake. We have this in the Philippines but there was no store near our place so I never got to try it. First of all, it's pricy. Two slices were $7 and a whole box of original cheesecake was $18. The cake was so soft it melts in my mouth. The chocolte cheesecake was okay but original cheesecake's my favourite, though I don't like the chocolate syrup on the bottom.

As drunk-like as I was this month, a lot of great things happened. So many experiences and emotions felt. So many thoughts... thought about. It's eventful.

  • I went back to Australia
    • I got to see my brother again! I actually spent time with him this year... we had an Attack on Titan marathon because I've been nagging him to watch it. He liked it.
    • I also got to see his family again, including the dogs.  
  • I went museum hopping with my niece. Last year I was only able to go to MCA but this year, I also got the chance to go to White Rabbit and AGNSW.
    • In MCA I found another artist to put in my list of favourites and it's Jenny Watson! I like how her art and writing's like taking a stoll in someone's mind.
    • In WRM I was further more exposed to Asian art particularly artists from Taiwan and China. It was nice to see the artworks that I've studied and works that were supposed to be the influence of my self portrait, in front of me. What more was their little library of contemporary asian artists that would've been a huge help last semester. 
    • AGNSW had a Filipino artists exhibits when I went there and it sparked a pride within me that said hey! I'm Filo. It also fun to see old western paintings. After being exposed to traditional Asian art for a whole semester, I found myself comparing them to each other in terms of principles, colour selection and brush strokes.  

  • We went Mandarin Picking at a farm in Wisemans Ferry. I forgot the name of the farm we went to but it was a great experiece. Just don't drink a lot of water on your way there. Their toilets are terrible. We got four small buckets ($7 each; the big ones are around $12) and filled them to no end. We managed to take home two bags of mandarin and they were really juicy and sweet. 

How was your July? 
Did you go to somewhere new? Tried something new?

p.s. photo edits were inspired by Louise Ramos' blog