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168 hours | eventful

L I F E   L A T E L Y
I have finally thought of something to do with my life. I have mentioned multiple times that I don’t really have a plan after I graduate but then again that isn’t going to work with the reality that I have to be independent.
Baby steps. I’m taking baby steps. The plan I have is absolutely vague. But this time, I have something I want to do rather than just stay at home and write about everything under my bed. I am planning to go to Japan to continue my studies on either International relations or start from scratch with medicine or nursing.

W E E K / /
  • I got my family hooked on Sherlock (I’m proud of myself for this) to the point that we finished everything is such a small time.
  • We went back to our thesis site and got to go to the coast!
  • I got my brains blown off because of the writing exercises we have for my literature class that makes me think if I could even write at all.
  • I’ve been starting to look at poetry in a whole new different angle.
  • I attended the Taiwan Youth Ambassador event of my uni as one of the staff(?). We got to meet a lot of students from different programs which was fun. I didn’t talk much, but it was fun. We had great food.
  • I went to three events on Wednesday
  • Our college’s leadership seminar (which I didn’t fully attend)
  • Hosted our university’s Cultural Presentation with students all over Asia
  • Finally, our College’s General Assembly
  • I went out to drink with my block mates, almost the whole class for the first time ever, alongside two foreign students
  • I got to hold another shoot for our university’s Model ASEAN Meeting
  • My car’s side mirror got hit.
  • AND FINALLY, me and my friends went to a study-in-Japan convention.

T R A I L   O F   T H O U G H T / /
The cost of going to study in Japan is 3? 4? Times more than to study in the Philippines. Which is really frustrating because I really want to go to Japan and establish myself there. I’ve been trying to tell myself that everything’s a process and that I shouldn’t look for immediate results. It’s hard. It stacks up anxiety filled with the questions of “What if”. I’ve lost count on how many times I cried because of the thought that I might not end up in Japan next year.
But that’s okay. If by chance, this time, next year, I’m still not in Japan doing what I want to do, I sure do hope so that I’ve taken the first step to get there.

I N   T H E   M I X T A P E

I discovered Rei Fu because of Bleach (Anime) she sang the first(?) ending song “Life is Like a Boat” which I loved and still love until now.

How was your week?