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168 hours | raindrop

L I F E L A T E L Y / /
Being in different university organisations turned out to be very stressful. Even though my class schedule’s quite free, I’ve always found myself stressed with what I need to do for the different activities and events. On top of that, I have also put up a small Tumblr account as my portfolio (photography, poetry, etc). But I am finding the balance with everything. I’m stressed but it’s not actually tiring.

W E E K / /
It was raining a lot at the start of the week. There were two tropical depressions that made the weather cozy and relaxing. Although, it was bad enough to get our Tuesday class cancelled and our Wednesday one too because they had to clean the university. Our university easily gets flooded.
I started looking for jobs and scholarships. I almost submitted an application for Meiji University (which is one of my top choices) to find out that the program only lasts for 2 weeks. It was a good experience though, filling up the form and answering Japanese questions I never thought I could understand but did. I also got to compute my GWA (GPA). Its good, but I’m not happy with it. I know I could have done better.

I also got to write something for my Asian Literature class. It was really frustrating but there’s this kind of success when I finished the whole poem.

We had our Guild Fair (R101) where I designed our booth with red paper and googly eyes. It was weird and creepy but it was nice. My friends helped me and we managed to get people to sign up to our college publication.
After the Guild Fair, I went to have dinner with my friends, a few drinks were shared but it was the kwento (stories) that made the night great.

O N . T H E . S C R E E N / /

I’ve been watching Tokyo DOGS staring Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun. I’m only on episode 3 and I’m liking it. Its funny and quite cringy (in a good way)

I N . T H E . M I X T A P E / /

O N . T H E . P A G E / /

I’ve been reading this Shounen Ai (Yaoi) manhwa called At the End of the Road and my emotions can’t take it. The last update was such a cliffhanger.

how was your week?