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The Month of August

August was a breeze. That’s the only word that I could find to describe it. August is also a train back to my old self (pre-Aussie self). It doesn’t feel like it’s been less than a month since I came back in Manila. It feels longer than that and it’s weird. My body’s concept of time is a mess. But that’s okay.

This month, I also returned for my seventh semester in university and I have the most confusing feeling ever. I’m scared of the fact that I’m not having troubles with any of my subjects (so far). I think I've gotten used to the struggle of keeping my grades (above)average. I’ll try to take this as a good thing. There’s one class that I love but utterly frustrated with, it’s Asian Literature and its like a poetry-writing workshop. I’m thinking about mentioning this in a whole separate post just because its fun to dig yourself your own hole.

Aside from university, there’s also a ton of things to do for the orgs I joined! A whole lot of digital arts and design. Its fun but it’s draining. I got used to the fact that I do “me” on my designs that when there’s revisions or major alterations, I tweet “I want to stab myself”.

I mentioned CHANGE a lot this month. Change is good. August is change. August is new things and new experiences. Aside from experiencing being an artist and designer this month, I also got to hold a photoshoot in an actual studio with the fancy lights. I also got a new laptop that saved me from the deadlines I almost missed.

Allegiant ★★★☆☆
Allegiant is the third and final instalment of the Divergent series. I haven’t read the book but I’ve watched all the movies. I don’t know if it’s the overwhelming amount of dystopian books and movies that I’ve grown tired of the concept, or that the hype for the series/movie just died down. I found it quite predictable and boring to be honest. I guess I was expecting such a good climax for the final movie that’ll make me want some more but it didn’t. 

London has Fallen ★★★☆☆
Remember Olympus has fallen? The one where White House was attacked? Well, this one’s on London during the time where a lot of world leaders were gathered for a burial. 
I have such mixed feelings for this movie. As an international relations student, I was interested and quite scared of the concept/plan against the world leaders. The possibility of it happening is there since someone actually thought of a plan like this for a movie. It was a brilliant plan for an attack, the flaws are there but possible. What I don’t like is how the movie went on after the attack. A series of impossible events happened. I don’t think there is really a one-man army like Gerald Butler’s character out there. I just hoped it was more realistic in a sense. A happy ending, but not with a mortal superman with a gun to take all the glory. People actually put their lives on the line out there and they’re not alone in defending a country. 

Doctor Strange ★★★★★
Doctor… Strange was an amazing neurosurgeon until an accident damaged his nerves, particularly the ones in his hands that later on affected his whole life. He then tries to seek help in Kathmandu where things get interesting.
Have I mentioned I love Benedict Cumberbatch? Well I do. I’d probably be totally biased on this because I love Marvel too. First of all, I’m attracted to doctors. Benedict Cumberbatch as a doctor killed me. It was a double heart attack. 
The movie stuck to the Marvel qualities of comedy, action and the mythological(?). I love his cape it’s the source of my joy. Though I have to say, that the effects hurt my brain sometimes. 

Now You See Me 2 ★★★★
Magical theft is back. This time, with a much better back story and character relations and Daniel Radcliffe.
I really enjoyed the first movie and I had high expectations for the second one. Magic-slash-illusion wise, I wasn’t that impressed as I was before. Cleverness and story-wise, it was much better. There was more of a story for this instalment rather than the first one. It talked about friendship and family, and secrets and truths which is nice. Daniel Radcliffe was so annoying in this movie though. 
The movie did leave lines hanging though, it never really talked about how Mark Ruffalo’s dad (in the movie) died. I’d love to know what really happened in that box. 

Before I Fall ★★★★★
If you’d live the same day over and over again, what would you do? 
I’m a sucker for movies with life lessons and this one’s spoke to my soul in an intimate manner. Arden/Hannah wrote a review about the movie on her blog that made me want to watch the movie. I love how the movie showed the different personalities of Sam which was an adventurous drive for character build up. 

How to Marry a Millionaire ★★★☆☆
I didn’t properly watch the movie but its about three girls sharing a flat with the hopes of marrying well… a millionaire. It was a feel-good movie, nothing extraordinary about it but it’s an easy watch. What I do recall from the whole movie is the final scene because it was funny, kinda-stupid funny, but funny nonetheless. 

Dan Brown’s Inferno ★★★★
Tom Hanks is back as Professor Langdon with another mystery at hand. This time around Dante’s Inferno and a person’s theory of cleansing the earth with a virus(?). 
I have a copy of the book but I haven’t read it yet. But I liked the movie. Angels and Demons is still my favourite though. I like the twist of the movie and how it makes you wonder who the bad guys are. I think mysteries are best when people think because of it. It was quite confusing but it was healthy for the brain. It was packed with facts and art, like he other Dan Brown movies. 
I’m a fan of Dan Brown’s brain. I find it amazing how he sees things in these kinds of perspective and somehow creates those alternative universes in his books. 
P.S. I’m giving this book 4/5 because Angels and Demons’ still better. 

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder★★★★★

If you don’t know what Kuroshitsuji is, it’s about the head of the Phantomhive family and the queen’s guard dog, Ciel with a demon butler. 
I mentioned this in my previous post but I’ll repeat myself for the sake of this section. There has been multiple murders in the Phantomhive mansion(?) in midst of a storm where no one could get in or out. The suspects are everyone inside. 
Bit of a spoiler, Sebastian (the demon butler) dies to add to the mystery. But watch it. It’s great. I’m biased on this but I love it. 

Pristin had a comeback this month and their title track’s just so good. We Like’s way better than their debut song. There was such a huge leap with the artistry between Wee Woo and We Like.

I found my old usb filled with songs and it has my favourite Sticky Finger’s album there! It’s Caress Your Soul and I’ve been listening to in to and from uni. Alongside that album is Begin Again’s soundtrack, which started my liking for movie soundtracks. I’ve been listening to “A Step You Can’t Take Back” a lot just because it's not on spotify and I haven’t listened to that song in a long while.
One of my favourite Youtubers, Mimi, released her EP in spotify and iTunes which I’m thankful for because you cannot really download songs form soundcloud (can you?) and I only downloaded mine again to listed to her original songs.

Also, I’m listening to Maisie Peter’s Place We Were Made (I saw it off Dodie’s twitter account) and thought that I would try it and liked it. A lot.

Cigarettes After Sex is still in my playlist. I'm still thankful that Anna mentioned this in a game. I love their songs. I love the drunk-vibe they give.

this is a bit late but,
how was your August?