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month | October 2017

I’ve been away for a while. It was weird in a lot of ways. I just wasn’t in the mood to write about everything that happened. Its just weird. I cannot really explain it but its weird.

A crap ton of things happened this month and here are just some of them!

Okay, I have a story for this. Since I’ll be graduating university next year, we have the usual retreat. The thing is that, the first day of our retreat was the same day of Seventeen's Concert. Panic and anxiety settled deep in my stomach until the day we found a solution for it.
So we made a letter and sent it to the dean's office telling that we have something scheduled for that day (thesis. it was a lie but we had to) and that one of my friend's dad would drive us. We got an okay. I left my parents with no choice but to let me because I've already bought my tickets when I was in Australia.
Okay, the ticket I got for the concert was an upperbox ticket... but I got to watch lowerbox-standing for a much cheaper price. I blame and thank the conspiracy between the staff of the arena. One shitty thing about it was that we weren't allowed to use our digital cameras. It was quite stupid to be honest. I mean, I understand their reasons for DSLRs but for small, compact digital cameras? They don't really bother other concert-goers, so why not allow them? I ended up taking videos and photos with my phone... with crappy resolution.

So, we arrived there, morning of Day 2 around, 5-ish? in the morning. It was the time for everyone to take their morning showers (if they were going to take one).
Our stay there was just so good. I cried a lot. Like a lot especially when I was reading my family's letters for me. We (as a block) got to know each other more, more than the 4 years we've spent time together. We also got to spend time with the other sections.
Caleruega is such a beautiful place! I totally recommend going there and visiting their church (chapel?) because it's so gorgeous! What I don't recommend though, is going up the hill (100+ steps up) for nothing. You cannot really see the view from up there and unless there's a mass happening, it's pretty much empty.


  • the church (chapel?)
  • the bonfire area
  • the hanging bridge
I also recommend staying there until night time because the lights by the church are beautiful!!! It's like you're in the set of Tangled. I lost count on how many times I sang "I See The Light" during our stay there. 

I got bangs! I don't know what made me chop them but it felt right since the last time I had bangs was like 2? 3 years ago? It took almost a week before my mom found out because she doesn't like it when I have bangs. 

I also got a really really good grade for my Asian Literature class. I was so stressed with the class to the point that I really didn't write anything for so long. I don't know, it just feels so great to get a good mark for the class since I feel like my professor acknowledges my writing and that's all I want in life. A part of me can die right now and I'd be happy. 
The stone poem I sent for this class was entitled "The Rocks" after remembering Sydney's The Rocks with its colours and writing it was just AAAHH! Fantasies and memories merged and there was just this longing for this someone that I cannot explain. It was stressful and exciting at the same time! 

How was your October?
Did anything fun happen while I was gone?
What happened????