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The Month of September


It's October already! It's weird and fuck it, time flies so fast! I have been awol for a while and there's just a lot of things happening and not much to blog about. My thoughts and my opinions have been on pause, if not already forgotten in midst of makeup classes and a whole lot of scheduling stress.

I am going to Seventeen's concert on Friday and just last week, my college announced that we are having our retreat starting on Friday until Sunday. Honestly, I'd choose the concert over the retreat but me and my friends are trying to find a way around it.

September was such a slap in the face in terms of "adulting". I got my card finally activated to only find out that I cannot use it online, hence getting a reloadable credit card that'd save my arse from time to time. I also got to understand a part of my sister's life for a while working under creatives and designing posters, creating gifs and editing photographs. Revisions are hell if not annoying especially when the people asking for revisions don't really know what they want.

I got to change my blog theme this month which was amazing, I've been wanting to purchase a template for a while and I'm currently loving it!


As mentioned in previous posts, I got my family hooked on Sherlock! We watched from season 1-4 and the special episode. I think my dad loved it and I really do need that pat on the back.

I also started watching Tokyo DOGS, I haven't finished it yet. I think I'm in episode 5? But so far, the story's good. It's funny and just the right amount of mystery and action.

Around sometime this last month, I also got to watched John Wick 2. I do have to say that I found it to have much less of a plot than the first one. What I mean is that, there's a proper story, but it's such a weak plot. Though, I am looking forward to the next instalment because SPOILER! he's finally out of the organisation.

Girl on the Train was in my Booklist back in 2016. I never got myself to read any of those books but I was truly intrigued when the movie came out. I put it in my booklist without knowing what it was about, it was there because it had a lot of reads and reviews. For the movie, I found it great! The mystery and the "foul play" (can't think of a better word) of who killed who was there. Though, it's either because of my fair share of mystery movies/series and my odd love for anything Sherlock Holmes made it quite easy to pin out who the main suspect was by the time I reached the halfway mark of the movie. Notable things I liked about the movie was that the use of in medias res helped in hyping up the mystery and the forming of questions in the viewer's mind. Though, if you are under 18 (13-16 maybe) there's a lot of sexual scenes in the movie.

WE GOT MARRIED (Joy and Sungjae). I love them! I haven't watched other WGMs but a number of articles that my friends shared on facebook made me want to watch theirs. I gotta say that "Where do I find a Sungjae for myself?" They're just so... shoujo manga couple type. I love it so much!


I met with my friend Lala last week(?) this week(?). And we had dinner together. We shared on a Bibimbap. It was the first time I tried it and I love it to bits. We ordered the one with bulgogi(?) and japchae and it had veggies (which I ate--another pat on the back for me). It was on a sizzling plate too. I have a thing for good food on sizzling plates -- sisig for example.

My cousin introduced a new coffee shop in a mall near my uni to me! It's Scarsdale. I love their coffee and doughnuts and mozzarella sticks so much! It's also quite cheap compared to Starbucks. I'm definitely spending my time there (or getting take away from there) this exam season.


I haven't been reading books lately, almost the same as I haven't been writing lately. For some reason, I got easily bored when I read. But I did have a fair share of mangas to include in this section.

At the End of the Road
Oh the emotional rollercoaster this manhwa gave me is surprising! It's still ongoing so the frustration is there. I'll try to explain the plot without giving out spoilers (which is gonna be hard since the first chapter's such a blurry picture *figuratively).
Okay, so two guys got hit by a car at around the same time, one survived, the other didnt. One's last words were "I want to die" while the other's were "I still want to live." The body of the person who wanted to die, survived but the thing is that, the soul(?) of the person who wants to stay alive is now inhabiting that body.

Sasaki to Miyano
I recently started this and I've been really sluggish with reading it so I haven't fully grasped the plot yet but so far, it's good and I love Sasaki so much.


I've created a September-October mixtape because creating one once a month was kinda like a chore and I start hating things when I do that. 

Rei Fu - Better View
Yota Towari - Happy
Beeches - Black Bird
Huxlee - If I Don't Get On TV
The Kooks - Naive
Beirut - Gibraltar
Conan Gray - Grow
AYAKA - コトノハ(kotonoha)
AYAKA - センチメント(sentiment)
Annabel Jones - Asking for a friend
Lorde - Liability
Wanna One - Energetic
Seventeen (Leaders) - Change Up


  • THESIS: Fieldwork + Interview - I've gotten a first-hand experience on a rural place inside a urban area. Right beside my own city lies the lives of people less fortunate than mine. It made me think of how lucky I am. It was an eye-opener and it was a place that I'd surely love to go back to. 

  • Figure Skating season has finally started. It's a sport that I love dearly. I think that everyone (skating fans) lost their minds with Yuzuru Hanyu breaking his world record at an early competition in SEPTEMBER. It was morning here when I watched it. I sure did eat his world record for breakfast, with a swollen right knee! Though, he did kinda blow up for his freeskate. 

So, how was your September?