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168 hours | Page 7

Its getting harder and harder to think of titles for these weekly recaps... I contemplated on doing it like a chapter per week, but I'm already doing that with my internal monologues so... let's page it.
Mother Nature couldn’t make up her mind. It’d be raining cats and dogs then it’d be as sunny as summer an hour later. I don’t really know whether I should bring my jacket with me or not to uni anymore.

University has been hectic and chaotic. It’s mostly because of the lengthy breaks we had. The thing is that, I hate that we had those breaks because now my laziness doubled. I’m classifying myself as a “TANAKA” right now. (please refer to Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge).

I had my graduation portrait, picture(?) taken this week. Initially, I was really scared because my friends told me that there are some make-up artists whose works aren’t the best. Thankfully, mine was great! It wasn’t heavy or anything, just natural!

I watched a men's volleyball game with my friend too. It has been three years since the last time I watched volleyball live and the thrill’s there. Sadly the team we were supporting lost, but it was a good game! The opposing team had great plays and a great libero.

A new place opened up near our university. It’s called Fusebox which has different restaurants, concept stores and game areas where students can “chill”. We went to an ice cream (dessert) cafe, I don’t know what it’s called I tried searching just not there. But it was so good. I had the Skillet Cookie Meltdown which is an ice cream over a freshly baked (?) cookie. It was really sweet but it was heaven.

So how was your week?