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168 | lazy weather

Wow, we're half-way through November and I haven't done anything noteworthy at all. Its weird actually, like there's so many things that are happening but I just can't seem to think of those events as something noteworthy or life-changing. It was normal.

THE PAST WEEK was a roller coaster. After a week of holidays (for All Soul's Day) we're back in uni for a week, just to have another week off for the ASEAN Summit here in Manila.

NOVEMBER 6TH Seventeen and Super Junior had their comeback. So sorry for everyone who's following me in twitter for spamming you with pictures and just spazz.
So Seventeen came back with their 2nd full album entitled "Teen.Age" their title song's entitled "Clap" and to be honest, I love that they went back to their trademark genre. I wasn't really liking EDM. I like Don't Want To Cry but there's just nothing musically striking about it. Like with the chords and instruments. idk.
Super Junior's "Black Suit" was released on the same day. Its a modern take on swing which was really nice. I just really missed SJ so... my heart's really happy.

BIRTHDAYS I have a lot of friends who celebrated their birthdays this week. They all treated us for pizza which was understandable because there's a lot of us and we're students on a budget.
After our retreat, and during these celebrations, it made me realise how close our block got. One of my friends, though we're perpetual seatmates, we weren't really close but just this year (semester) I don't know what happened but I actually open up to him about a lot of things! I love it!

THE WEATHER also starting to get cold... kinda? It was cold for the weekend then when Monday came it was really hot and I made the wrong choice to wear all black for that day. This kind of weather is like a spell making me stay on my bed all day even though I have a lot of things to do, a lot of papers to read, a thesis to revise and reports to make. I'm kinda hoping that I'd get to break the spell soon.

WRITING blog-wise, I'm still trying to get the hang of it again. I honestly don't know how I got this lost with writing about.. me. Like, I have these ideas in my head but it's like 3-minute ideas that suddenly disappear.

So, how was your week?