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it has been a while

久しぶり! It's been a while! 
My semester ended roughly a week ago? I'm now done with exams and my thesis, and papers and poems. Honestly, I don't remember much of everything lately. It's weird and quite worrying. A lot of things happened, stress and shocking news it's just quite overwhelming.

I honestly don't know how I managed to survive this semester. Procrastination was my name this semester–not that it wasn't the previous ones but much more now.

I've watched a lot of anime. I started and finished Shokugeki no Soma, I re-watched Haikyuu (for the nth time this year) and Kaleido Star. I also started watching Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

My eating habits relapsed big time. I've been good most part of the year. I even gained a lot of weight which is good. But when the workload started piling up and stress and everything, my food consumption depleted a lot. I'm once again living with a meal a day because I'm just never hungry again. I need to get myself together.

I was supposed to post a "the month of November" but finals started and it was just chaos in both meaning (empty and disastrous).

I've learnt a lot about myself. It turns out, I can just write one poem in every two hours, but I can simultaneously write two poems if I'm heavily caffeinated. I seriously don't trust what I'm able to write--there's so much great writers out there... I'm not good with pressure and thoughts.

I don't know how to say this but... it's weird. Everything's weird. On top of that weirdness, Jonghyun from Shinee died and it affected me in a lot of ways I never thought it would. Its just really sad and unexpected. I really don't do well currently with my thoughts and feelings. My journals' just quite empty nowadays.

But I'm okay. I will be okay.


How have you been lately?