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168 Hours | Page 9 & 10

I’ve been sick recently. Oddly enough, I got sick right after I ran out of fresh orange juice.

– I enrolled in my last semester in university (hopefully). Also, on the same day, I had to attend a meeting for one of my org.
– I saw my best friend again after a spontaneous “are you free today?” texts.
– Our internet connection has been quite crappy recently, I don’t know what’s wrong with the provider but hopefully, they’d fix it soon!
– I started listening to podcasts. I started with (Hannah’s) suggestion: Serial Killers and it's really good!
But I also started listening to Will and Arden’s Podcast which is just a feel-good podcast to listen to. I usually listen to them while drawing or editing materials for our event.
I also listen to Philosophize This. Which is a good podcast if you’re interested in philosophy or if you’re studying/studied philosophy. I’ve taken philosophy classes in all my four years of uni so it was nice reliving some lessons I had whilst listening.
– One of my online friends got accepted in a scholarship in Japan which made me think that I should just go for it. That it wouldn’t hurt to try. So I started scholarship hunting! So far, I’m waiting for the MEXT Scholarship to open in April.

– I had another meeting on Monday(15th), which honestly felt like it just wasted my time. Did nothing there. During the venue ocular, the place smelt so new it hurt my nose.
– Finally gave in and bought doughnuts. I’ve been craving for some since December with no apparent reason. I just really want doughnuts.
– I watched Kuzu No Honkai, as recommended by one of my professors and Naruto Shippuden.
– The first day of uni was quite unexpected. My first professor was absent (he was my professor during my first year and he was almost never absent) and for my second class, it got cancelled because we don’t have a classroom yet.
– Talks about who our professors are going to be were something. It turns out we have a number of scary professors this time who’d have a say whether we’d graduate or not.
– Org stuff is hectic. One of our events starts on Monday, so we had to finalise designs and send them out to the logistics team in time.
– I also bought castor oil for my lashes. There were a lot of fall outs when I still had eyelash extensions.