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168H P. 11 | 3-Day Event

  • We had an event from Monday to Wednesday. It was a successful event with less stress (on my part as a creatives head compared to the other heads). The only problem we had was with the typos in the certificate that needed to be reproduced more than twice — which is really not good.
  • Experiencing this event as part of the steering committee was ‘something’. I got to meet people from other sections that I have never met before. It made me work faster in revisions and trying to think of designs and illustrations. My skills in photoshop and digital art is still not that great though.
  • It took me almost 3 hours to get home on Wednesday though. I forgot my wallet at home and was left with 11Php (2 cents usd) which is enough to get me close enough to walk to my house. But it was raining and I had no umbrella with me.
  • Thursday was a rest day. I think I spent the whole day in bed and it was amazing — catching up on sleep because I had to be in Uni at 6AM for the event.
  • Had my first class with my favourite professor on Friday! He’s still amazing as ever. He’s extra funny this time too. I’m looking forward to more of his classes!
  • I’m still watching Naruto Shippuden. I’m more than halfway through and my eyes and tears are tired of crying but its soo good!
  • I went back to listen to Arctic Monkey’s AM Album and I’m loving it again. It's just so angsty and “drunk” that makes me appreciate it more as I try to live the “adulting” life.

  • I tried Krispy Kreme’s doughnut holes and not my favourite. It kinda wrecked my doughnut craving montage.
  • I bought school supplies because why not? It's my last year of uni (I’m claiming it) and I really miss buying supplies, especially pens… I hoard them.

How was your week?