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SIDE A – Headache Cure

If you go to my spotify or if you follow me there, you could probably see my mixtapes under the "chill" folder. It originally was just one playlist with 100+ songs but it got to the point that it had too many songs to actually enjoy the whole playlist. It was just a mess.

The first mixtape in the folder is called Side A – Headache Cure which was also the original title of the old playlist.

Headache Cure started out as a playlist that I like to listen to in dead times––in times I just want sounds to fill in my ears. It is consist of songs I used to listen to in my brother's old ipod classic which had songs from Grey's Anatomy and Smallville soundtrack, as well as 70s to early 2000s songs. But then again, it also has some tunes that I discovered form playlists I follow or spotify radio.

Some favourite songs from the mixtape:
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Wonder - Lauren Aquilina
When - Dodie Clark
Breathe - Anna Nalick
Samson - Regina Spector
Fondu Au Noir - Coeur de Pirate
Heart of Gold - Birdy
Fickle Heart - Ira Wolf
Capsize - Grace Grundy
Whisky Lullabies - Janet Devlin