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The Year of 2017

This is quite late but better late than never.
Wow! Crap. It really is the new year. I'll be graduating this year... I'll turn 20!
Everything feels so surreal! It's like everything's a dream and I'm just foreshadowing all of it.

2017 was something. It was a weird year. It had a lot of mixtures of good and bad, ups and downs. I felt like drowning but I felt too drunk to breathe.
– The year started with a monumental mental breakdown. It was shit. I felt like crap, but its now over and I'm okay.
– I experienced being a delegate for the my uni's Model United Nations. Delegate of El Salvador, Human Rights Council.
– I did my first self-portrait for my Asian Art class. Its a photo series inspired by Musashi Wakui's street photography entitled Kankyaku no Kokuhaku (Confessions of a Spectator).
– For the same class I did a spoken word poetry for my final project entitled "Me I Am". It was a piece about losing myself and the struggle of finding the "genuine" Mia.
– I watched Wicked with my parents and it was a struggle not to sing along. I loved it!
– I saw my best friends this year. We hardly see each other because we're all too busy with uni.
Finished writing my thesis proposal and made huge progress with it the following semester.
– I went back to Sydney and spent time with family there. My brother had a better schedule so we bonded by watching anime together... I got him hooked on Attack on Titan.
– I was feeling quite crappy in Sydney though. I didn't feel like myself, I was so lost and all the patterns I've set up in Manila vanished the moment I stepped in Australia.

– The new semester started and finished just like that.
– I had a lot of night outs with my friends this year. I didn't get drunk though.
– I met and befriended a lot of people both online and in real life –– I met so many international and exchange students!
– I reconnected with old friends and the things we talk about are 70% weird, but it's sooo fun!
– I started drawing again! I'm planning to put some online once I get to redraw things properly.
– I saw SEVENTEEN live again!
– My 4th year retreat is a memory I'll treasure forever.

2017 was a cauldron of experiences and emotions and a roller coaster for my mental health.
I don't know if I expect anything from 2018 except to graduate in June and find a job. Take the medicine admission test maybe?

Was your 2017 also a rollercoaster?