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month | January 2018

January felt long but everything seemed to pass by so fast. It's actually quite confusing. I was ranting about January felt like a year then a day passed and it's February.

– The new semester started. I'm testing the waters again, but I'm determined to end my uni/college life with a BANG! I'm no longer eligible for a Latin honour, which is kinda sad, but then again, it won't really define how I did in uni.
– We're finally done with the Model ASEAN Meeting. I'd say that it passed by like a breeze but it was more like a divine wind from the Pacific. The experience with MAM was something I didn't expect. Like wow! Me and design revisions got really close in this event. Me and my stubborn insecure arse managed to survive quite dumb criticisms. It also shed some light for me on what kind of job I could take on after uni.

– I got better at being alone -- in a good way. It helped me think more about a lot of things that I used to run away from. I think I decided to run away from my talkative mind at the height of my anxiety last year. Doing pretty good for the past few months, kinda bland and extra listless, but I'll survive!
– Meeting friends you don't get see every day is great. Having small dates feels like weeks when you have so much to catch up on. Taking my friends to my favourite restaurant was the best decision I made (food-wise). Also, dragging my best friend to spazz over kpop was amazing!
– I started a new bullet journal! I now work on a blank page journal so my handwriting's either on its way to heaven or going down in hell. But then again, doing spreads is much more fun since the blank pages allows a more creative output.

The Foreigner: A Jackie Chan movie that didn't really capture my full attention. It was good, but personally, I think that there are better JC movies out there.
Naruto + Naruto Shippuden Movies: The movies are not so great, except for the Last Naruto The Movie and Boruto: Naruto The Movie. Like, it has a good plot (the Shippuden ones are better than the Naruto ones), it's just that if you watch it all chronologically, there's more thrill to the series than the movies. The movies felt like compiled filler episodes with a better plot.

At The End Of The Fxxcking World: I don't recall if I finished the series but I binge-watched the episodes. The plot was flame to the millennial moth. A kinda-love story between a maybe-psychopath male lead and a idr-care-about-shit female lead. The character development was good in a way that self-realisation and one's independent thoughts are I think the highlight of the story. (I think there'd be a season 2!)
Kuzu No Honkai (Scum's Wish): I really recommend this anime/manga. The plot's not your usual school setting anime story. It talks about setting a pseudo-being to reflect the one you really like. A concept a lot of people might've thought about but never really put into action. Aside from the plot, the artwork's also great. Everything sets the mood to a heart-heavy story that's kinda pathetically depressing but soo soo good!
Naruto + Naruto Shippuden: Boi, I'm still hung up on the story tbh. Can I just mention the number of times I cried in Naruto Shippuden. Like, my heart is still in pain with the deaths. First of all, with the series, the story's great! There's just a lot of filler episodes (that I chose to not watch). It's great because you get to see amazing character development from the original Naruto to NS. Lessons about friendship and never giving up on people's also great. But family and relationships beyond blood in the story's just wow. I love it. I'm now watching Boruto.

––How was your January?