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19 things I learned at 19

I had my birthday last month (on the 18th) and it was great! Had a tita night with my friends while watching documentaries about serial killers. I was originally planning to post this on the day of my birthday but a lot of things happened and my schedule's getting really hectic.
Oh wow. This child is now 20 years old. I still feel like I’m twelve tbh. I feel like I haven’t grown or changed much but I’m sure that I did. I also surely learned a lot of things. Plus, I saw one of my favourite do a video like this so, I’m doing a 19 things I learned at 19.
  • Trust your gut feeling. Often times it makes the right choice for you.
  • You need to speak up more. It wouldn’t hurt to exercise your vocal chords.
  • Yes, you work best when you’re cramming but not procrastinating would probably save your heart from the stress.
  • The headaches you get are because you don’t wear your glasses and you ran out of contact lenses.
  • The coffee you make is way better than the overpriced ones at Starbucks.
  • The best option for coffeeshops is Bo’s, go there instead.
  • Be transparent with your emotions, it’s good for your heart.
  • They say quality over quantity. The same goes with friends.
  • Your room will look a lot cleaner if you start throwing out things you haven’t touched in years.
  • Don’t purchase things you won’t really use in the long run (like your graduation ring) because you’d probably regret buying it before you fully pay for it.
  • No, you don’t need that pen. You still have a drawer, 2 mugs and 3 pouches of pens left.
  • You can actually stick to a schedule, you just choose not to.
  • You’re at your best when you make the effort to try. Failing is learning too.
  • Take more risks. You’re saving yourself too much to the point that you’re not experiencing anything anymore.
  • You like to start a lot of things and not fully pursue it. There’d be people better than you but you’re the best you out there.
  • Believe it or not, you actually feel a lot better when your room is clean.
  • Tell your parents you appreciate them more often.
  • You doubt yourself too much. Stop it. Have confidence in yourself. TRUST
  • Your funny side comes out in the grey area or quite sexual area of the conversation. Its odd but you and your friends have a good laugh.