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I guess I was named MIA for a reason. Prolly because I’ve been MIA for quite a while again. To be honest, it's quite sad not updating much but at the same time, it feels right. Cheers to another blogging detox.

I’ve been really busy. I always say this in my updates for the past few months but that’s all I’ve ever been since the new semester started. I’d be graduating this June (I promise I will) and I’ve been really really trying to end the semester on a good note (especially with my grades).

So far, all the events we have planned are done! All have been successful! I wanted to post my ootds for Model United Nations but my face was too tired and haggard to be captured in pixels. Plus, I was sick on the second day.

Our thesis is going through its final revisions before our defense and me and my partner have our fingers crossed that we’d be done before the week ends. Midterm (preliminary) exams just ended. My heart sank for two subjects that I have been studying really hard for. Basically, not everything’s going well. Stress, deadlines and trying to enjoy myself is really tiring.

I don’t know how to end this post. well, I don’t know how to end any post or essay, or thesis. But whatever. Tbh, this feels a lot like me updating that I’m still alive.