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March 2018

a lot of exams and deadlines passed. the first hell month of the semester finally ended.
Note to Self:
“finish your thesis early”
— Our thesis got approved today (1st April). Technically, we did finish writing our thesis early, its just that we had a lot of revisions and its quite stressful to be honest. The process was really frustrating because we always seem to fall short! But we made it!
“study your arse off and finish the semester with a bang!”
— I studied my arse off. I eventually studied too much that my brain exploded during the exam. I once again fell short by going long. Although, I do feel like I didn’t really do my part. Now I just really need to do my best.
“don’t forget to rest when you’re tired”
— I felt perpetually tired so I rest too much. The thing is with feeling tired, the more you think about it, the more tired you feel. And I keep on thinking about how tired I am when my day’s pretty much 50/50. I’m either resting or I’m studying. I hate it.
“work hard! most of the time, that alone is enough”
— I always tell this to myself. I also always overlook this note. But I’ll do my best this month.

Memories This Month:
"day outs and pig outs with friends"
"model united nations 2018"