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Where I'm at Right Now

And would you look at that, it’s already May. Time surely passes by like a breeze this year! 

I’m (un)officially done with uni! I’m just waiting for graduation and I can start my adult life being lost at the starting line. 
About university
I finished my all my classes and my thesis! Our defence wasn’t the best but it got settled in a very out of the ordinary manner. I have to say that last week, my brain and body was just screaming “I want it to be over already!” and my papers came out half-assed and just all over the place. I even crammed a 10 page paper in one day, and (with a partner) we crammed an 8 page paper in 8 hours before it was due. So, who says that you can’t cram a paper in one night? I crammed my baby thesis’ RRL in one! 
I also designed a newsletter for our migration class. It was the first time I used Adobe InDesign. It was confusing at first because I was so used to using PS but it turned out pretty good. 
All our exams are done and over with. Grades have been given, but we haven’t seen any of it which is, really, nerve racking. I’m also done with my exit interview! I’ve paid all I need to pay and I’m just really lost! 
So, what happens after uni? To be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to do! I’ve been planning to study again. I realised pretty late that I want to go into the medical field which is kinda a waste of time because I didn’t realise it then, but I’ll eventually figure these out. I’ve also been meaning to apply for a job, but I basically cannot yet because I’ll be gone for a month in October. So I’m to my final resort of working in my sister’s company until I land myself a job or managed to save up enough money to study again. I know, it’s a whole lots of a mess. Chaotic tales. I know.

Life lately
I got my hair chopped! Around some time last month. I cannot remember when, but it is now resting at an awkward length. Do I love it? Do I hate it? It’s okay. Not the best, I’d get it chopped shorter when I have enough energy to do it. 
Summer started and I had a really bad summer flu. I think it was the first time I had one in my life. I fell into a vegetative state for a few days which helped a lot with my procrastinating. Although, I have to say that it felt like I was knocked down by a truck.
Mother’s day also passed by, so we ate at Yakiniku Sakura. It’s been quite a few months since I last ate there, and more than a year since I ate there with my family. It was still so good, and we also got to see the chef again.

Where I’m at Right Now

I’m now grad-waiting. Literally waiting for our Baccalaureate Mass and graduation. Some of my friends are looking for jobs already, some are taking exams for law school, applying for scholarships for further studies, and some are on a mini vacation. As for me, I’m at home probably wasting my time. But, I do need to take a breather to think what I’d do. If I’d go to med school or I’d work before I go to study again. 

Where are you right now? How have you been?