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May 2018

May has been quite idle.
Nothing much to note about the month... really. It was quite boring. Not having to go to classes was boring. But, I guess I did find a few things I enjoyed, and an unforgettable moment shared.

May was kinda the calm before the storm. Finals was held around the first week then after that we did absolutely nothing but wait for our graduation. We only had around 2 exams for finals because the other professors did not give them out anymore. I think we only had one real exam for finals. The others were for formality/final advice the professors gave.

The Baccalaureate Mass was held in the field with all the graduating students of the university. Before that we were in our respective holding rooms wherein we got our uniforms signed by our friends and classmates which was very sweet. Our juniors also gave us shot glasses and bottle openers because college/uni is not complete without a drinking session.
Before the mass started, there was a parade-ish of the graduating batch towards the grand stand/field and our faculty was seated next to the faculty of medicine and surgery so my poor heart was envious of their achievement. Proud, but also envious. We took our final pledge as Thomasians, our necklaces were blessed, and we rose our candles to the Main Building as we sang the UST hymn. It was really a precious moment that I wish to never forget.
after all those were fireworks and our moment to walk out of the arco de los siglos (arch of the century).

Here are some of the interesting things I found this month. They're not entirely new, but I enjoyed them a lot.

Laguna Sandals ($3) // The name is not necessarily Laguna sandals, its just because they were made in Laguna. I got them at the train station near my uni, as recommended by Bea, and I love them so much. For the longest time, I've been a closed-shoe-ballet-flat-loafer-type of person, but I genuinely enjoy wearing this pair. It's so comfortable and just easy to pair with a lot of my clothes.

Oroton Sling Bag // My mum got me this one the last time she visited my brother in Australia. I've been using it a lot and pairing it with my laguna sandals because they match and it just fits the important things I need to bring when going out.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero (pink) // I got the free mini sample the last time we went there. This stuff's amazing in removing makeup! I don't use a lot of it but it removes my make up in two rubs/swipes. It dissolves the majority of makeup on my face and it works really well with waterproof products. Would totally buy a full sized tub next time.

Banila Co. Eye Crush Shadow Pallet - #04 Mood Taker ($17) // I've been using this every day since I got it. Its all matte and just easy to blend. It's not entirely pigmented but its buildable which is really good if you're into a natural kinda look. I've also been using the darkest shade as my eyeliner and all of it stays all day.

Four Out Of Five by Arctic Monkeys // Arctic Monkeys recently released their new album after a long hiatus. The whole album's kinda fifty-fifty on me and FOOF was the only one that got stuck on my head after I listened to it. I love the song's tempo and the beat, the bass and the repetitive piano's also good.

How was your May? I can't believe it's already June!