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Summer Yellow

I always associated summer with yellow and I think it’s because of the yellow sun at the drawn at the corner of my paper when I was a child. I’ve been wearing a lot of yellow(s) lately. Maybe it’s because its summer? Or maybe it’s because it’s just so good to the eyes on sunny days?

Its summer but I opted to wear long bottoms than shorts not just because some men are pigs when they see legs, but mainly because I’m voiding tan lines. I have them on my feet because of our uniform and I really hate it.
1st photo: top- Esprit, bottoms- Jane Baar, thongs - local, bag - brbrys
2nd photo: top- ?? , bottoms- uniqlo, heels- mossimo

I’m not necessarily keen on clothing although I do have styles that I like. Maybe it’s because I’m wearing my university uniform most of the time (yes, we do wear uniforms) and I never thought of actually incorporating those styles that I like on my clothing. But it’s summer, I’m free to wear and think of what to wear!