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It has been a while. The blog has been idle for a few months and so have I.
The routine that I settled with during the past two months doesn’t really put much time to read blogs or books a lot though I did read a lot of Japanese manga which was really nice.

I’ve been awol since August? I can’t remember anything exciting that happened then. Except maybe for the fact that I helped with a photoshoot for my sister’s company.
As for the ‘forever question’ of what I want to do in my life, it is still the top priority. But I feel like I’m working my way through it although more options seems to pop up. The want to go to med school is still there but given my time and resources, it’s the least likely one. Since I’ve been a temporary employee at an advertising agency doing “creative” things, arts and design entered my options. I’ve always had interests in layouts and illustrations — basically anything pleasing to the eye. But like I said, everything is still in process. I can go through this! I have to!

It’s hard to admit, but I did gain a lot of weight before graduation. I don’t know if it’s because of my PCOS (because, yes, I do have my “babies” —cysts for a few years now) or because I just wasn’t taking enough care of my body.
I’ve been on an extreme diet for the past few month. I don’t really want to say that I’ve developed an eating disorder since I’m not diagnosed by a professional.
The thing is, with a lot of Asian families, you get easily criticised when you gain a little bit of weight. And its not really easy to see skinny/fit Kpop idols almost everyday.
I guess, I’ve always had an irregular eating habit—I don’t eat on time, and I’m not really eating the healthiest. I had to take control of everything and get my crap together. I started working out 5-6 times a week, I was under a 500-600 calorie deficit. Basically, I was counting calories. Honestly, I don’t understand why people associate calorie counting with eating disorders. It made me mindful with what I eat—with how much protein I eat, how much carbohydrates, how much fat. All in all, I managed to lose 14-15lbs in a month.

Even though I was on a strict diet, I still managed to eat out with my cousin and my friend. First we ate at Dohtonbori which is a Japanese okonomiyaki restaurant. I've eaten here once with my friend and it was really good. Their yakiniku's really soft and it's best to be eaten while it was still hot. The last time we ate there, we cooked our okonomiyaki ourselves, but this time the staff offered to cook it for us. We also tried Yayoi Restaurant where I had salmon sushi. My cousin had california maki, and we shared one Yakiniku Jyu which was also very nice. Still, nothing could compare to Yakiniku Sakura though.

This was the first time I spent more than 10k pesos (185USD) on a concert ticket. It was also the first concert I attended that didn't allow photo or video taking.
Before the concert started, we were in line for more or less an hour, but it was worth it because the sky was so magical. It felt like they were as excited as we were.
During the Seventeen concert last year, me and my friends skipped the first day of our retreat. This year was the first time we weren't seated together. It was quite an experience. It felt like my ears would pop off! But at the same time it was worth it!
The whole concert was worth it. The live performance everyone gave was just AMAZING! As usual Jihoon (Woozi) performed his second voices live and I was living for it!
Not being able to take photos or videos forced me to live in the moment. I was staring at Hoon most of the time, though Jeonghan did manage to melt me in one of the songs.

p.s. it took me more or less two weeks to type all of these down. idk why. 

How have you been?