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A Week in Hawaii

Last month, my parents and I went on a trip to the US mostly for a vacation but we also visited family there. I took it as a break from job hunting and an escape from reality. Our first stop was Honolulu, Hawaii.

On the way to the airport was crazy. We got stuck in traffic––almost missing our flight––arriving at the airport one hour before our flight. I decided to wear something comfortable because it was a good 10-hour flight, and I still prefer comfort over fashion in planes.
top - RAYON SHORT SLEEVE BLOUSE uniqlo; bottoms - uniqlo; 
shoes - CARNABY EVO BL1 lacoste; bag - vintage; jacket - REVERSABLE PARKA uniqlo
We arrived in Hawaii in the morning which was great because I spent most of the flight asleep.
yes, I am holding a huge hydro flask
We visited different memorials. Honestly, I didn't think I would enjoy it, but I did. Knowing and studying about it in university helped a lot for me to appreciate war memorials.
It'd be a shame to call it a trip to Hawaii if we didn't go to a beach. My aunt took us to Ko Olina Beach. We brought food and a mat to have a picnic there because none of us wanted to swim. I would've if aunt flow wasn't visiting.
The mountains were so majestic. I'm a sea-person but I enjoyed the mountainous view more than the sea during our long drive.
Views from our long drive from Pearl City to our last stop the–– Polynesian Cultural Centre.
I really enjoyed our time in PCC learning about the different Polynesian cultures. It's probably the culture-curious in me that enjoyed it. It was also nice seeing students from different cultures and nationalities perform and guide tourists in PCC.
Have you been to Hawaii? What places have you visited there? Do you have recommended places?