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untuned thoughts

it has been a while? almost a year.
a lot has changed. a lot has happened. things have been realised and now,
rather than being enclosed in the flesh of my pink coloured room, i spend my days surrounded by green.

so, what's happening now?
i'm now reviewing (badly) for my nmat exam to get to med school. it took me a good mental breakdown and slump in my first job to realise that.

all the things that happened were meant to happen

my sh*tty experience with my first job made me realise what i wanted to do in life. it made me force open a door that i've closed for my self years ago. it made me want it more than i did.
hmm... it's not an easy road. there are still people telling me that it'd take time or that i should rethink of my options. it's quite hard to focus on myself and my happiness and at the same time thinking about theirs.

things have changed. things are continuously changing.
wow this is a word vomit.