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Agreeable conversations are nice, but casual arguments feed the soul.
We often find ourselves in conversations where we blindly agree with someone even though deep in our minds, we know our views are different. Why? What for? To be liked?

I have been rereading Kenko’s “A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Tree” for a while and I came across this paragraph about on conversations about the fleeting nature of life.
There is some pleasure to be had from agreeing with the other in general talk that interests you both, but it’s better if he takes a slightly different position from yours. “No, I can’t agree with that,”
...This sort of lively discussions is a pleasant way to pass the idle hours, but in fact, most people tend to grumble about things different from oneself, ...such men are far indeed from the true friend after your own heart, and leave you feeling quite forlorn.’
For someone who dislikes debates, I do enjoy casual discussions wherein I get to see how another person sees the same picture from a different perspective.

I suddenly recalled my conversations with Pau. Oh! How much I miss talking to Pau! We often have philosophical talks about life and how messed up our way of thinking and the societal norms are.

Our first conversation was about how we knew we’d leave our jobs and somewhat pursue what our souls want. We hated how life, now, revolved around money and how hypocritical of us to want to start a business to earn it. Falling into the capitalist webs we’ve been trying to free ourselves from.

I don't think I can take being in corporate anymore
it hurts a good part of my soul.

I just want to practice medicine and be a fairy somewhere

I remember we stayed beyond our shift, it was 7 PM on a Friday, both drunk off exhaustion yet neither one of us wanted to end our discussion. We were talking about old loves and how I have come to accept the impermanence of things.

How can you happily enjoy things when you've
been thinking that it will all somehow end?

You enjoy it more because you know it'll end.