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less is more

a part of me has forgotten how to write here. i've been trying to my best and have been training myself to be mindful with my words. i've come to realise that the more i ramble on, the more i get lost and get carried away in the little ideas that branch from my story. after all of it, everything just becomes vague and my point and stories are lost in the smudgeness of things.

less is more.

i'm trying to put more value with my words. i feel that there's a certain number of times we can say something and actually, sincerely, mean it.
in today's oversensitive society, words hold so much power. voicing out thoughts and opinions can either feel empowering or terrifying. our words are either taken as a 0 or 100, there's rarely something in between.

realising this made me conscious of everything i share. it's frustrating. i was now trapped with the thought and idea of pleasing the general public that didn't even know who i was. there's also the fact that i try to not offend anyone as much as possible. i've put a faux value to the things i say, telling myself that it's for them, not for me. total bs if you ask me. who tf is them anyway? i'm not an influential person whose words can either change the world or have it turn against me.

we can say that cancel culture and getting lost in my own thoughts and stories gave birth to this blob of thought.

but life is too short –– compared to the eternity that time holds. why not put more value, honesty and pieces of ourselves into the things that we say? we don't need a thousand words and a hundred sentences to say what we mean. sometimes, less is more, especially with value and sincerity.